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Engage guns and rods with
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Engage guns and rods

We are passionate about helping venues, guides, accommodation and brands connect with guns and rods. As specialists in fishing and hunting, we understand what really works.

We have created specific ways for you to boost your brand and engage with guns and rods like never before.

On-location videos

Capture the magic of your venue with your on-location video. It's the next best thing to being there!

Our stunning on-location videos are the best way to bring your venue to life. We take care of everything from agreeing a brief to delivering the finished video.

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On Location videos

Cost per click advertising

Spending thousands up front on annoying banner ads can be hit and miss.

So we have launched performance based advertising. We only charge you when we send a potential customer to your page on Eagle Review or your website. Simple and effective!

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Click advert

Editorials and sponsorship

As the no.1 travel advisor for hunting, shooting and fishing, we have an active community of guns and rods.

As a venue, host, brand or relevant supplier, you can engage our community through competitions, editorials and sponsorship.

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Sel advertising

Visual storyboards

Storytelling is a proven way of bringing key details, facts and images to life.

Eagle Review storyboards bring together your facts, figures and other key information to create inspiring visual that stands out from the crowd.

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Vis story

Featured listings

Stand out from the crowd and upgrade your free standard listing to a featured listing. A great way to get more visibility and boost your presence.

You will feature at the top of all relevant search pages, increasing awareness, clicks and bookings.

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Sel advertising

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email contact@eagle-review.com or call + 33 6 70 22 56 85. contact us