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Founded in 2015 and based in Burgundy, France, Eagle Review is the No.1 global travel advisor for hunting, shooting and fishing. We are the trusted marketplace for guns and rods to discover, compare, choose and review hunting, shooting and fishing destinations around the world. From remote atolls, dense jungle and luxury country retreats to a simple weekend trip or last minute local offers.

Eagle Review - passionate about helping venues, guides and local accommodation connect with guns and rods.

Total visitors 3,500,000+

Total listings worldwide 6,000+

Countries 163+

Species 450+



From a bird shooting estate in France to over 6,000 destinations in over 163 countries.

The Eagle Review story began in 2015 at a bird shooting estate in France, run by Coen Stork. The idea came to Coen whilst he was organising a hunting trip for a group of friends. He found it impossible to easily locate any independent reviews about destinations and instead had to rely on a combination of local agents, magazines and word of mouth.

Coen and his friends sensed an opportunity; “We hadn’t found anyone really committed to providing an intuitive, transparent and independent review service for this niche market. The large review sites focussed on mass markets such as travel in general but not specifically hunting and fishing trips”.

After designing the first website, Coen was joined by Floris Stork, Francois Gilson, Tom Wynendaele and Stijn Verrept in respective marketing, content and technology roles.

Amongst it’s first investors was Thierry Geerts, Google Director, shortly followed by a 2nd investment round with an international group of guns and rods from Switzerland, Austria, United States, England, Belgium, Lebanon, France and The Netherlands. Then in 2017, Eagle Review secured financing from BPIfrance, a well known public investment bank and a trusted partner for entrepreneurs. BPIfrance finances businesses from the seed and start up phase to stock exchange listing, through loans, guarantees and equity.

The relentless quest to provide an intuitive, transparent and independent review service for the best global destinations is at the core of everything we do. Today, with more than 6,000+ destinations in over 163 countries, Eagle Review has been visited by over 3,000,000 guns and rods all over the world. It is the fastest growing international hunting, shooting and fishing community.

Coen and his friends now have no difficulty finding plenty of independent destination reviews before they plan their own trips...


Takeri Game Reserve Mpongwe, zambia

  • hunting safari's
michael taylor
"We liked the look of eagle-review and how the site works in helping us reach a large number of hunters worldwide in an easy to use format."

The Outdoor Vibe argentina

  • partridge
  • dove
  • duck
  • trout
  • deer
  • Golden Dorado
jon hurley
"I believe it's the simplest website of it's type to navigate and use as a business owner and I believe the clients find the layout superb for finding what they are looking for quickly. I am very happy with my Eagle Review experience to date."

Domaine de Coyolles coyolles, france

  • fly fishing
  • brown trout
  • brook trout
  • rainbow trout
  • black bass
  • pike
vincent carré
"Besides the high quality content available on this refreshing platform, EAGLE-REVIEW.COM offers us the opportunity to engage with an international audience


  • driven grouse
  • driven pheasant
  • driven partridge
I was delighted to join EAGLE-REVIEW.COM as it offers a unique service to both game shoots and clients.

Andros Outdoor Adventures andros island, bahamas

  • bonefish
I am featuring on Eagle Review because we have a mision to provide a sustainable, nature-based tourism service and it would be great to atract international clients

Crown River Safari salem, southafrica

  • hunting safaris
  • and accommodation
"I chose to use EAGLER EVIEW as they provide exceptional exposure, are highly profesional and provide a wonderful service!

Southern Lodges lapampa, argentina

  • big game hunting
  • wings hooting
santiago lloveras
"We joined Eagle review because it a very profesional site made by people that definitely understand were this market goes. It is very important to have an honest and serious partner that knows your busines"

Big Game Hunting new zealand

  • stalking reddeer
  • fallow deer tahr
  • wings hooting
we are featuring on eagle review because we like the international and visual appeal of the website. it fits in well with the way we like to present ourselves.

South Ayrshire Stalking Scotland

  • stalking
  • red deer
  • roe deer
  • fallow deer
  • sika deer
"I have been particularly impresed with the quality of client base nd have been delighted with the number of enquiries that have resulted from my involvement."