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Host Dashboard Offers Transparent Reporting

by Zach Lazzari

Host Dashboard Offers Transparent Reporting

Eagle Review’s Host Dashboard takes reporting and transparency to a new level. The dashboard is designed to deliver key traffic and conversion statistics while acting as a portal to build highly effective campaigns. In short, the dashboard empowers hosts to improve their profile, increase rankings and drive more bookings by leveraging the powerful Eagle Review platform.


Utilizing the Host Dashboard

The overall design of the host dashboard makes it easy to view your big picture performance data but it also offers granular data insights regarding key demographics. The biggest benefit here is the way your performance and key numbers are broken down into segments that are easily interpreted. No technical knowledge is required and you can see your exact rankings, how much traffic you have, where that traffic is coming from and how those visitors are engaging and interacting with your content. The dashboard really is a revolutionary way of translated complex data sets into easily digestible segments.

Ad Campaign Dashboard

Want to run a promotion or boost your listing? Boosted listings elevate your brand and increase traffic when you want to focus heavily on bookings and new lead generation. The Ad Campaign dashboard provides an intimate view of campaign performance by displaying your Key objective, Budget and targets such as traffic stats based on geographic locations, Click Types and number of clicks across the week, month and year.

Click type reporting is especially important because you can see how visitors are interacting with your page. When clicks are heavy on your videos or photos, it shows your multimedia plan is working. A low click count on the same mediums however tells you the media can use improvements to increase engagement. Spend some time really analyzing the way visitors are engaging with your page and continue tweaking the host profile to drive more phone calls, website visits and ultimately, more customers to your business.


Performance Tracking Dashboard

The reporting here is where every Eagle Review host can really elevate their brand. It consolidates critical data into a simple layout. You can view your ranking within the Eagle Review ecosystem and unique visitor stats.

Additionally, the performance dashboard shares your click stats with data around the click source, phone calls, booking lead times and average length of stay. Knowing the number of clicks required to generate a lead, the average time required to convert the lead and the average length of stay creates the ability to forecast your bookings.

Special Offers Dashboard

When you need to drive traffic quickly or want to boost engagement around a special offer like a limited hunt opportunity, the Special Offers dashboard is built to streamline this entire process. You will set the campaign details within the dashboard and use the simple editor to create a compelling title and content for the offer. You can run a special promotion using this dashboard at anytime and it only takes a few minutes to get up and running.


Tips and Tricks - Business Resources to Help You Grow

Running and growing a business in the digital age is not always easy. The competition is heavy and technology has a major impact on your traffic and bookings. At Eagle Review, we want you to thrive and our tips and tricks business dashboard offers great information about using our platform to grow and about managing your business in general. We have case studies, tips for increasing rankings, managing engagement to move leads through your sales cycle and about general trends and research based on the way technology and bookings in the hunting, fishing and tourism industry are moving.


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