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Streamlined navigation from Eagle Review

Eagle Review Releases New Streamlined Navigation

At Eagle Review, we make it easy to search for the best outfitters and trips in the world by organizing and rating a large number of experiences. Our users save hours upon hours of tedious searching on traditional engines while our lodges and outfitters have the opportunity to connect with their ideal clientele.

As a custom search provider, we are always tweaking algorithms and looking for ways to improve the search experience. The latest release involves new and improved navigation bar that streamlines your general search process. The new navigation bar is located at the very top of your browser and it includes:

Consolidated Categories are now used to simplify your search process. Previously, the nav bar displayed a number of options across the top. The new version moves those options into a dropdown menu under the Hunting & Fishing tab. Adjacent to the drop down nav is the How it Works option for new and experienced users searching for a specific process.

On the right upper corner, a quick-link to preferences allows you to select the preferred currency. This saves time on conversions and creates a major efficiency for searchers. USD, GBP and EUR are the primary currency options. Additionally, you can Become a Host or Sign In to an existing account from the top navigation.

The Hunting & Fishing dropdown menu delivers quick access to the main sections of the Eagle Review site.

You can quickly access the Activities section to breakdown your search by the preferred method of hunting or fishing. The popular Species option filters your search by preferred quarry. While many outfits offer multiple game and fish options, filtering by priority is an excellent search method. You can also break your search into countries and filter by location which is ideal for folks that know the region where they want to visit. And lastly, you can jump to the magazine for Videos, Tips and Tricks and entertaining journal entries and outfitter stories.

A Better Search Experience

Ultimately, the new top level navigation will save you time on high level decisions and filters. The primary search bar however is where most users make a quick entry to kick off exciting process of researching their next trip. You simply type in a query with the Destination, Company Name, Species or Activity to trigger a search.

Previously, the search feature was divided into multiple fields. While this was effective, the new consolidated field bar makes the search process easy and extremely fast. It’s especially convenient for users who are unsure about their exact desire. A general search will quickly yield the most relevant results while a specific search will instantly bring back a list of specific queries.



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